i4ware Software has various clients from within software development industry, among others. Our company primarily makes projects as a subcontractor for software development companies, advertising agencies and agents. Also we have a clients from abroad for our Atlassian JIRA and Confluence Plugins.

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3 Responses to Customers

  1. Punit says:

    I don’t see the basic time sheet grid to be correct as it display’s the assignee field and not the work log author. You don’t have to be an assignee on issue to report work. Any user can log work even if the work is not assigned to that user. So the basic concept is incorrect.

    • I know that but I did not knew that this is issue for someone. Thanks for this bug report. I try to find easy or complex solution for this and fix it to next release.

    • Now on Timesheet of JIRA Version 7.5: Only issue assignees can log work for their own issues which they’re as assignee. Also no one can log a work issues which assignee is anonymous. I hope this is what you wanted.

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