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i4ware Software
Email: info@i4ware.fi and sales@i4ware.fi.
Mobilephone: +358 40 8200 691
Business ID: 2739594-6
VAT-ID: FI27395946
Registered Address: Ilmarinkatu 36 D 48, 33500 TAMPERE, Finland

What we do?

i4ware Software developing a license fee based software and also Open Source Software and help organizations to implementing their ERPs (In example making integrations to their software to cloud based software which based to book-keeping) or other software. We do not need in example wire frames or other diagrams for to implementing our customers applications.


Matti_KiviharjuRed Hat Certified SalespersonMatti Kiviharju, Entrepreneur & Founder (with signature rights and 100 % ownership of i4ware Software)
Matti Kiviharju has 22 years worth of experience working in the IT/software development field as a entrepreneur and developing in software companies. Matti sold his first web page to a buying customer in 1995. Matti is not only a product owner, but he also handles the development and has vast experience in the technology field. He is a professional in internet-based solutions, and is widely regarded as a specialist.

My Linkedin Profile is here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/walkout

Employees in trainee position

Fahid_KhanFahid A. Khan, Junior Software Developer
A web developer/software developer who is new in the industry but has a lot of desire to learn more with a positive attitude and to prove to the world that positivity always wins. I have a strong desire to develop and from the very childhood I loved computer and i have always wanted my whole life to be a skilled software developer and i am working on that . Hopefully will soon write in my about that “A skilled developer you are seeing ” but now I am focused on learning the technology.

Here is his Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fahid-a-khan-46758819b/

Mafruha_NuharyMafruha Nuhary, Junior Software Developer
I am extremely motivated to work as a software engineer. I am a quick
learner who is eager to get better in this field through trails and fails. I like to
handle things in a creative, organized and open minded way.

Here is her Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mafruha-nuhary-7a6a131a3/