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Timesheet is tool for reporting a work hours for your invoice attachment for your customer. i4ware Software can host this application for you with price of 48 € per user 0 % VAT per domain and per year and/or 4800 € per year 0 % VAT for unlimited users per domain if your company needs a more than 100 users. i4ware has only Wire Transfer payment medhod for this. For MS Office Excel exports our company will need your company print quality logo. For Security reasons we make manyally a admin user account for your company.

There is lot of companies who requires a detailed Time-reports as invoice attachment. Below is the list of it’s benefits.

  1. Editable Web-browser based MS Office Excel style grid Timesheet which you can use by just double clicking grid cells
  2. Full month Burndown Chart about remaining work based to initial estimete
  3. All users has their own personal Timesheet
  4. MS Office Excel Reports with your company print quality logo
  5. Automatically calculated cost in MS Office Excel export file of used work hours for customers and every task can be manually set price of work hours of it. In example if your employee makes work for customer on evening then your employee can set higher price for these tasks.
  6. There is two user groups on this application and both these has a their own user interface. These user groups is employeer who is admin who can manage employee user accounts and has own personal Timesheet like employees. Employees havas only personal Timesheet.

Here is detailed screenshots of the App features

Employee user view with Timesheet
Employee user view with Timesheet
Employer user role view to add your company users
Employer user role view to add your company users.
MS Office Excel export example
MS Office Excel export example.
My Account sidebar
My Account sidebar.
Creating a new user
Creating a new user.

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