Resume Editor

Resume Editor is a tool for careers to create and edit their CV (in a PDF format) for employer and tool for employer to looking for CVs from database, etc. Resume Editor is commercial Plugin for Atlassian Confluence. Please, read our Software License Agreement. This plugin requires an external MySQL database be configured, so please see the Instructions for Installing Resume Editor. User Manual for Resume Editor is here. You can buy this plugin from Atlassian Plugin Exchange.

Licensing details:

  • Your Resume Editor license must match your Confluence license (type and user limit)
  • All prices are in USD.
  • Paid Resume Editor licenses entitle you to perpetual use and include 12 months maintenance for updates and support. Renewing maintenance in subsequent years is 50% of the price shown and is required.

Why to buy this software?

In our experience meny customers of yours requiree employees CVs so you keeping good CV database with this software and always has updated CVs of your employees. Also this software generates a CV in PDF format that is made for IT and ICT industry and is developed meny years since year 2004. We can promice that CV generated with this software are powerfull, because we have lot of positive feedback from real employers from this model of CV.

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