Timesheet and Gantt Chart for Jira

Timesheet and Gantt Chart for Jira are a tool for make time tracking with industry’s most powerful desktop software like General User Interface. User Interface of this solution based to long work-life experience of the i4ware Software in various software development companies as subcontractor.

Please, read our Software License Agreement.

How to get and buy this software:

  1. First you need a Virtual Private Server. Contact us if you would need one.
  2. Then you need to buy Atlassian Jira at: http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira
  3. Install Atlassian Jira to Virtual Private Server when you has paid
  4. Then you need to buy Timesheet and Gantt Chart for Jira at: https://plugins.atlassian.com/plugins/com.i4ware.plugin.timesheet.timesheet
  5. Then you need to install Timesheet and Gantt Chart for Jira to Atlassian Jira via your web-browser


  • Your Timesheet and Gantt Chart for Jira license must match your Jira license (type and user limit)
  • All prices are in USD.
  • Paid licenses entitle you to perpetual use and include 12 months maintenance for updates and support. Renewing maintenance in subsequent years is 50% of the price shown and is required.


  1. Generates the time reporting General User Interface with rich internet based look and feel from Jira issues
  2. Generates a Burndown Chart from full month calendar
  3. Editable Grid of Issues
  4. Export Worklogs in PDF file format
  5. Export Worklogs in MS Office Excel file format
  6. Gantt Chart (To get Gantt Chart to work you need add a custom field named Issue Start Date on administration backend and confirgure it your projects on Jira and configure custom issue linking types)

To get support for this App: https://i4ware.atlassian.net/projects/TGCFJCS.

8 thoughts on “Timesheet and Gantt Chart for Jira

  1. I just installed the trial version of “Timesheet for JIRA 4.4”. Is there any way to configure a) the fields of the report b) export the entire content to excel / pdf, i am able to export only for logged in user’s data.

  2. I’m trying to trail this Timesheet for Jira plug-in but am struggling to get anywhere with it. I initially installed v2.5 and could see the ‘Timesheet’ project in the mennu but the screens were all blank. I tried in Chrome, IE8 & IE9 in case it was a browser issue but couldnt get it to work. I uninstalled it as I received an email about the 2.6 update so thought I would try this instead. I’ve installed the plug-in without any problem but now I cant even see ‘Timesheet’ as an option in the project menu. I’m using Jira v 4.3.3.
    Has anyone else had this issue or know how to proceed?

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