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  1. Siti Nur Amalia says:

    Thanks for the information..

  2. ltonprupt says:

    I am ltonser. Hmm and i found the bug on website

  3. sangat membantu, terima kasih.

  4. max says:

    when your company is focused on making services and products for Mac?

    • Our company focusing never to do these for Mac but our solutions is web based so they can be used by end user on Mac via Web Browser. So server to host an application must be Linux or Windows or solution can be hosted on our servers.

    • Here is an example of our solutions: http://ost.i4ware.fi/zf/public/
      username: matti
      password: matti
      It is an Open Source Timesheet and cost 200 € / year 0 % VAT or 20 € / month 0 % VAT hosted on our Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS Virtual Private Server.
      If you want just tailored solution then it cost 50 € / hour 0 % VAT to complete.

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