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“i4ware Software provides professional services and products for Application Lifecycle Management and Software Development. We are familiar with various technologies and tools including (X)HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ext JS, PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, ActionScript, Flash, Flex, Eclipse, SCRUM, Extreme Programming, Subversion, J2EE, JSP, JavaServlet, and Linux Server. Our company is focused on making services and products for Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Ubuntu Server”

Matti Kiviharju
Product Owner


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  1. Doris Schäfer says:

    I am interestet in the timesheet for Confluence but it does not work in the example pages:

    <![CDATA[... Add this after

    ]]>Create database (on command line or with phpMyAdmin)Create a database timesheet.Import SQL file (on command line or with phpMyAdmin)Run to timesheet database.Restart Confluence now.Install the agile-application-stack-x.x.x.jarGo to install agile-application-stack-x.x.x.jar on Admin Backend.MacrosWrite this to a wiki page in a space:To see all users in the timesheet<![CDATA[
    Unknown macro: {grid-admin-timesheet}

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